Complaints and concerns raising

The Development Fund has zero tolerance for corruption, abuse, bullying and harassment.

Here you will find information on how to raise concern and report misconduct: behaviour that may be unethical, illegal, a waste of resources or that is in conflict with The Development Fund's regulations.

Raising concerns at The Development Fund

The Development Fund encourages everyone to report suspicions of unethical or illegal behaviour. Sanctions or reprisals against individuals who report such suspicions are not permitted.

It is important that illegal or unethical conditions are uncovered quickly. The development fund has its own channels and routines for reporting such conditions.

We encourage that complaints are directed to the person concerned and/or the relevant line manager because this person is closest to the activities. If the issues are not resolved through dialogue, or it is difficult to address them directly with the person in question, we recommend that our online whistleblowing mechanism below be used.

How to raise concerns at The Development Fund

Send a written complaint to our complaints committee

Phone: +47 23 10 96 00 – ask to speak with the Secretary General

Mail: Utviklingsfondet
Att.: Secretary General - CONFIDENTIAL
Mariboes gate 8, 0183 Oslo, Norway.

It will help our investigation if you provide the following information

What happened? Is it a violation of the law or a violation of the company's written ethical guidelines?
How did you find out about the misconduct?
Who is involved?
Where did it happen? Where was it discovered?
When did it happen?
Has it happened multiple times?
Were there witnesses present?

Please specify whether you have witnessed this information first hand, whether it is something you suspect or whether it is something you have heard from others.
Attach specific examples and evidence/documentation if available. Also feel free to provide contact information on any witnesses to the incident(s). Even if you do not have complete information, you should report any suspicion of misconduct.

Full confidentiality

All complaints will be treated confidentially. The identity of the person submitting the complaint will be kept confidential. The person submitting the complaint has the right to remain anonymous. However, it will make our investigation of the circumstances easier if the person concerned provides their name and contact information.

Routines for handling complaints and misconduct at The Development Fund

Here you will find The Development Fund's routines for internal and external complaints, and our routines for how we handle misconduct cases.

What is misconduct?

Misconduct can mean violations of legal rules, internal rules, guidelines or ethical and professional norms, including behaviour such as sexual abuse, discrimination and drug abuse; it also applies to conditions that are dangerous to life and health; and financial irregularities such as embezzlement, corruption, fraud and nepotism.

Who can complain?

Anyone affected by our work or the projects we support may complain, including:

  • Employees, consultants and others directly involved in the organisation
  • Our partner organisations
  • Institutional/individual donors
  • Supporters and stakeholders

When should you complain?

The Development Fund has zero tolerance for financial irregularities, sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse. As soon as you have a reasonable suspicion of misconduct, it must be notified. If you are unsure whether to complain, it is better to do so than not.

How is the complaint handled?

The complaint is handled by a complaints committee of three people appointed by the Board of The Develoment Fund. The complaints committee will decide how to proceed as a result of the complaint and inform the person who submitted the complaint of their decision within one month of receipt. If necessary, the complaints committee may request further information and documentation.

If necessary in the event of suspicion of financial misconduct, an external auditor will be employed by The Development Fund to investigate and document the misconduct. Change in routines to prevent similar situations in the future must take place.

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