When: Tuesday 15th May 1700-1900 (coffee served from 1630)

Where: Development Fund, Grensen 9b, 6th floor

Today Somalia is for all practical purposes a handful of zones of influence. These include autonomous and relatively stable Somaliland, which is struggling to achieve international recognition for its claim to statehood. Puntland is similar, but less stable, prosperous and independence-minded. Between them is a disputed area, claimed by both Somaliland and Puntland, but recently self-declared as a separate, autonomous entity. Further South it gets even more complex, with a weak, transitional government in Mogadishu, supported by the AU peacekeeping force Amisom. Amisom faces daily attacks by the militant al-Shabaab Islamists, which in turn have been successfully challenged by military forces from Kenya, Ethiopia and their proxies.

There are multiple processes discussing alternative prospects for Somalia, including a major international conference in London and Turkey. Various parts of the international community are involved, and different scenarios are being put on the table. While some hope for a future, united Somalia, perhaps with a federal structure based on today's political map, others do not. Many details remain to be discussed. Even as visions for a future Somalia differ, what is a common for all is the desire for peace, stability and prosperity. Certain promising initiatives for collaboration between the different zones of influence indicate opportunities for constructive engagement in a new political landscape.

The objective of this seminar is to present an overview of the situation and to discuss possible future paths.


Stig Jarle Hansen, Associate Professor, Noragric, University of Life Sciences (UMB) Main speaker 30 minutes

Shukri Ismael, Chair of Board, Candlelight development organization

Khamis Chome Abdi, Country Director Somalia, Norwegian People's Aid

Ahmed Muse Ismail, Diaspora representative, Somaliland National Party Norway

Rina Kristmoen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Africa II Section)

Chair: Christoffer Ringnes Klyve, the Development Fund

In order to have enough chairs available, please confirm your participation to: alice@utviklingsfondet.no or by phone 918 98 649