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The Development Fund invites to a "hard talk" with Norwegian, Somali and Somaliland development experts about the challenges of Rural Women in Somalia.

Time and date: Wednesday 16th May 1000-1300 (including lunch)

Where: 6th floor Miljøhuset G9, Grensen 9b Oslo (close to Stortorget and Stortinget T-bane)

The picture that often comes to mind when hearing "Somalia", might be that of a pirate boy with a rifle. However, on the event of launching a new Country Programme in Somaliland, the Development Fund will draw attention to the people who are rather invisible in the Norwegian debate about Somalia - the Rural Women. They too, face extreme challenges of poverty and conflict, difficult agricultural conditions, in addition to sufferings because they are born as women. But they are also key development actors. We have therefore invited four experts who all have been working for many years with development and women's rights in Somalia (and among Somalians in Norway) to engage in a round table discussion on the situation of  women of Somalia and their pivotal role in development.         

The guests:

  • Shukri Ismael: Chairperson, Candlelight development organization in Somaliland (Hillary Clinton Award Winner)        
  • Safyia Abdi Haase: Nurse and activist, Amathea Trust (Multi award winner)
  • Fredrik Arthur: Norway's Ambassador for Women's Rights and Gender Equality (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Ahmed Farah Mohamed: Programme Manager, Norwegian People's Aid

Moderator: Andrew Kroglund, The Development Fund

Registration (including lunch) to by 14th May 2012

Floor will be open for questions after the talk. And we promise; no power points!

About the guests:

Fredrik Arthur is lawyer by education and specializes in International Law. He has been working the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1989 and has over the years been stationed in Teheran, Zagreb, Guatemala, Murmansk, Geneva, and had several assignments in the Balkans. Since 2008 he has been senior adviser within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Norway’s Ambassador for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. 

Shukri Ismail of Somaliland is one of the founders, and chairperson, of the Somaliland organization Candlelight. She is also a founding member of NAGAAD Network, the largest women network in Somaliland. She has received the Hillary Rodham Clinton award for her dedication and her contribution to development work and promotion of peace in some of the world’s most conflict-affected regions. She has served as a member of Somaliland Electoral Commission and a current member of African Democracy Forum committee.

Safia Abdi Haase from Somalia came to Norway in 1992 and is by education a nurse and holds a Master’s degree in International Welfare and Health Policy. She has worked with the Amathea Foundation since 2005 and specializes in women’s health and FGM. She has been involved in making the Norwegian government’s action plan against FGM and is a member of Norway’s Contact Committee for Immigrants and the Authorities (KIM). In 2002 a documentary film was made about her and her three daughters.

Ahmed Farah Mohamed: Programme Manager, Norwegian People’s Aid based in both Somalia and Kenya.  Ahmed is from Somalia and came to Germany in 1975. He studied sociology in Bielefeld University and holds Master’s degree in sociology. He is specialised in development policies. He has been working with various organizations since 1990 in the development and reintegration programmes such as Gesellschaft for Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), World Peace Foundation (Welt FriedensDienst) and Coordination Body for Mozambique.