Project development in Somaliland: What works, and what does not work.  Course given by African visting experts

When: Saturday 19th May 2012, 12-1600 hours

Where: Utviklingsfondet, Grensen 9b, Oslo, 6 floor (Miljøhuset)

Language: Somali (and some English)

This course is especially targeting the many Diaspora organizations in Norway that are supporting and running projects in Horn of Africa. Increasingly these organizations are wanting to link up with NORAD and/or development NGOs such as Development Fund.

In order to increase organizational capacity and understanding of complexities of development a visiting delegation of NGOs from Africa share their knowledge and give advice on concrete projects from Somaliland. 

This session is valuable in order to prepare project applications to DF or NORAD for 1st October. Bring your concepts in writing for discussion.

Resources persons:

  • Hussein Ismail Jamma, Agriculture Development Organization (ADO)
  • Ismail Mohamed Ahmed, Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Committee (HAVOYOCO)
  •  Mustafa Mohamed Ahmed, Modern Agriculture Development Organization (MADO)
  •  Ahmed Ibrahim Awaleh and Shukri Ismail, Candlelight for Health Education and Environment
  • Ayele  Gebre-Mariam, the Development Fund Ethiopia office
  • Khamis Chome Abdi and Ahmed Farah Mohamed, Norwegian People's Aid

Registration to  (by 18th May) The course is free of charge