The Superhero of tomorow?


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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Coming soon to a field near you!  Watch the trailer:

There are about 500 million small scale farmers in the world. Life as a small scale farmer can be difficult. Many small scale farmers are poor and live under harsh conditions. Out of the 842 million people living with hunger today an alarmingly high proportion are farmers themselves. As the climate is changing it is getting worse. Unpredictable weather with too little or too much rain, droughts and hurricanes are all factors that the farmer must address.


If we want to end world hunger, combat poverty and climate change it is vital that we focus on the small scale farmers – all over the world. The Superfarmer is tomorrow’s superhero!


Several international reports point to agriculture as a part of the climate solution. In a changing climate the small scale farmer is central in supplying sufficient and nutritious food to her family and the greater community. As long as she is given the right tools, the poor rural farmer would be capable of growing more food than she and her family needs, thereby ensuring that they have enough food for the following year as well. She would also be able to sell any surplus produce so that her children can go to school and visit a doctor the next time they are sick. This can help eradicate poverty.

The Superfarmer fights for a brighter future by using sustainable farming techniques – increasing yields, reducing pollution!