Our society is increasingly becoming multicultural. The new “we” based on flows of migration to Norway and worldwide is also creating new potential for development. Today the remittances sent by migrants to home country worldwide almost triple that of official aid.

We started our work with the Pakistani community (Pilot Project Pakistan 2008-2010), and continue today this work with groups from countries where we currently work: Somalia, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia.

The work concentrates its efforts around three main pillars:

  • Collaborative development projects where the Diaspora contribute 20 percent of the funding.
  • Create arenas for discussing policy issues relevant to countries where Diaspora are from
  • Strengthen Diaspora organization to improve their development intervention

Concrete examples from collaborative project between the Development Fund and diaspora

  • Project to secure water sources and growing food for School children in pastoral areas in Somaliand;
  • Project to support war widows in Sri Lanka to generate income from milk production from cows and goats

Diaspora groups meet regularly for networking and trainings and have also joined in monitoring the projects.