The rain fails when it is most needed. It rains too much when there has already been enough. Temperatures rise, while plant diseases and pests are on the increase. Strong storms that destroy roads, bridges and crops are becoming more common. The consequences of climate change are not a future scenario – they are here now-.

Climate adaptation is all about making choices that reduce the negative impacts of a changing climate. Poverty is one of the factors that make communities and individuals vulnerable. Through adapting to changes in climate, local communities become more resilient in the face of climate shocks and economic difficulties. That is why climate adaptation must take both environmental and socioeconomic issues into account, issues that secures development among the poorest.

Climate Adapted Villages (CAV) is the Development Fund’s community-based approach to climate adaptation. Since 2012, The Development Fund has piloted the CAV model in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Nepal, Ethiopia and Malawi.

The ultimate goal of CAV is to increase the adaptive capacity of farmers and indigenous communities by strengthening knowledge of climate change in the communities and enhancing their capacity for planning and local governance.

The Climate Adapted Village model utilises participatory approaches to empower communities on climate-related issues and thereby increase awareness and promote attitude changes in the communities themselves. In most cases, the micro-watershed is used as the unit of planning, and major emphasis is given to collective management of common resources such as forests, water, energy, soil, and crop and livestock diversity.

A key element of CAV is to ensure that communities remain at the center of all processes, from the climate vulnerability assessment, to the planning of mitigation and adaptation measures, and to the governance of adaptation plans and available funds.

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