The Development Fund started collaborating with Somali diaspora organizations in 2012. We have had a match-making scheme with Batalaale, SAMO-Norway, Odweyne V.C. and Sumbul-Norway. In the period 2012-2016 these organizations have contributed with 20 percent of the costs of the Diaspora projects in Somaliland - about 1,2 million NOK. The key activities were the establishment of school gardens with water supply and green technology; support of women business groups and communities; start up of business programs for graduates from Beer Agricultural College, Odweyne College and Haahi School; and skill exchange with Diaspora.

Currently, we have match-making projects with Diaspora in Puntland, which focus on improving access to seafood skill training opportunities through providing sea food processing and cooking skills for youth and women as well as supporting economic growth and employment opportunities of youth and women through entrepreneurship and skills training as well as providing spaces and start up kits. Where as in Somaliland, the Diaspora project focusses on providing vocational skills training to rural youth and providing business start-up support. We have developed a mentor-programme, where Somali diaspora provide technical capacity building and advisory to youth that wish to engage in business development.