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The Superfarmer has arrived in Nicaragua

Publisert . Skrevet av Rosalba Ortiz

I am the Super Farmer says the signs worn by the activists on world food day in Managua, Nicaragua.

As part of my trip to Central America following The Development Funds program on agro-biodiversity and climate, I had the honour to launch The Superfarmer film in Nicaragua.

The film was launched in the office of CIPRES - our partner organization in Managua. All farmers participating identified themselves as superheroes.

- We are not always considered as Superfarmers, not even in our own countries, so we want to thank you, The Development Fund, for putting us at the same level as Superheroes, argued Francisco Olivas, father of our Super Farmer in the film.

Watch the Superfarmer film

After launching the Superfarmer film we went to Rotonda Metrocentro to celebrate the World Food Day offering Superfarmer produced beans to those passing or driving by. Pamphlets saying we are Superfarmers because we produce and protect our seeds, we are Superfarmers because we produce our food and the food of many others in the world was showed to Managuan people.

- The Development Fund and the Superfarmer film provided us extra inspiration to celebrate World Food Day, argued Javier Pasquier from FECODESA (National Farmer Federation supported by DF) wearing a Superfarmer coat in Rotonda Metrocentro.

We are Superfarmers because we produce and protect our seeds, that was the message on the activists posters.

Distributing seeds produced by Superfarmers.

Watch the Superfarmer film: