The Development FundSupports small scale farmers in their fight against hunger and poverty


The focus of The Development Funds work in Nepal is to improve food security for the most vulnerable groups. In addition we promote climate adapted villages, participation in local decision making and women empowerment.

The majority of the population in Nepal depends on subsistence agriculture for their livelihoods.  Although progress has been made for many of the Millennium Development Goals, years of civil war and continuous unstable governments hinder investment in rural areas, leading to continued vulnerability for rural poor families.

The Development Fund works in four main areas in Nepal.

Food security and income generation

DF works with the poorest and most vulnerable people in Humla and Western Terai where food insecurity is acute. The projects increase agricultural and livestock production, improve the family economy, and support establishment of small businesses.

Climate Adapted Village and Climate Smart Agriculture

The program aims to strengthen community’s capacity to adapt to climate change. Better management of natural resources, broadening genetic diversity in the farmers’ fields and awareness are program components for achieving the goals.

Participation in local decision making

Because of the lack of local governmental institutions and inclusion of women and lower casts in decision making processes in Nepal, DF supports initiatives that promote democratic and participatory processes in local governance. Around 100 VDCs in the country have carried out participatory VDC (municipality) planning where more than 70 % of plans have been implemented with support from local governments.

Women empowerment

The program support women’s economic independency and leadership in all projects, with the most successful case in Ilam where women cooperatives manage to establish a diary processing factory in the district.

Partner organisations in Nepal

  • Mahila Jagaran Sangh (MJS)
  • Namsaling Community Development Centre (NCDC)
  • Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD)
  • Self Help Initiative Promotion Centre (SHIP)
  • Tharu Community Development Forum (TCDF)
  • Jana Jagaran Samaj (JJS)
  • Dakshin Daukhuri Adhikar Manch (D-DAM)
  • ​Sahakarmi Samaj (SS)